Amanda Perez-Morris

A Neurodiverse Artist,
Author, Illustrator, Curriculum Designer, Steminist, & Educator

Amanda Perez-Morris is a "Jill of all trades" with a Master's Degree in Education learning to lean into her neurodiversity and hone her creative and problem-solving superpowers. 

Her art strives to break the stigmas surrounding neurodiversity and women in STEM. She seeks to empower others to accept themselves as they are, and to teach others to celebrate the unique and diverse ways we all show up in this world; at home, in relationships, and in the workplace. 

She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and two little ladies. She was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 41, after years of wondering why she didn't quite fit into the puzzle pieces of societal norms. She is at her happiest in the hurricane that is her studio corner, listening to 90's or Indie rock, and creating art that reminds us all that we are uniquely and wonderfully made. 

Upcoming projects

Amanda Perez-Morris is also the Author & Illustrator of the

STEAM For All Students Book Series,

Watch for Book One Coming Soon!